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Default Morwenna Lasko & Jay Pun soon in Europe

Remember "One Moore Farewell", the song written to pay tribute to the late Leroi Moore in 2009 ?

Well, this tune was written by Charlottesville's Morwenna Lasko & Jay Pun, close DMB friends and local sensation. Rashawn Ross was featuring in the track.
The two Berkelee College of Music graduates play an unique mix of genres, from jazz, folk, rock, to world beat, pushing the acoustic limits one step further.
With two excellent albums to date, they recently ranked #14 (out of 750 bands) to a competition to win a slot during famous Bonnaroo Festival, an amazing score for an instrumental duo.

Good news is our dear friend Corsina Andriano from DMB italian FC "Con-Fusion" is just booking a mini tour for M & JP in Italy next november, with some german dates being added at the present time. Some other dates may be added in the next few weeks. One of the italian dates will even be broadcasted live at the national radio!

So don't miss them if they come and play near your town !

All band info can be found on their official website.

You can stream their full 2011 Kennedy Center show here.

Stay tuned for the full european dates soon.
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DMB Koln 28th Feb 2010, DMB Antwerp 1st March 2010, DMB Amsterdam 3d March 2010

Spread the music you like and make people happy
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i hope they vistit holland, that's a very nice song and i'd love to hear some more of them
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Sounds interesting, I'll stay tuned
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Hello guys!

HERE you can see the complete schedule of the Morwenna&Jay european tour, with the dates in Italy, Germany and Netherlands.

Don't miss if you are close, because they are really awesome!

GoPro will sponsor the euro tour with 4 videocameras, (the same cameras of the Carter's video:

In Italy we organized the realization of a docufilm with 2 professional filmakers and also a secret show on 4th November in Milan to realize an official video.

Here is the english version of my article on october issue of JAM (where Away From The World is album of the month....)


New talents: Morwenna Lasko & Jay Pun's violin and guitar

Charlottesville, Virginia, rose to worldwide fame for being the "birthplace" of the Dave Matthews Band in the '90s, and it has become over time a music scene even richer and more versatile. The city is also host to the duo Morwenna Lasko & Jay Pun, violin and acoustic guitar, two albums to their credit - Etopia (2005) and Chioggia Beat (2009) - hundreds of concerts and festival participations in the United States, and currently at work in the DMB recording studio in Charlottesville. Morwenna Lasko, 30 years old, grew up in Connecticut and is considered by the American specialized press one of the most original and creative violinists of the current music scene. She began studying the instrument as a child, ranging from classical music to Celtic and gypsy swing. She graduated from the Berklee College of Music in Boston, where she studied jazz and bluegrass. Her musical career crossed paths with that of Jay Pun, 31, a guitarist who grew up in Charlottesville where he assimilated jazz, blues, and funk influences, and fell in love with Dave Matthews' percussive guitar style, until he was struck by the finger-style of the legendary French-Algerian guitarist Pierre Bensusan. It is a unique duo, combining the virtuosity of classical and jazz studies with folk, blues, and bluegrass roots, rock influences, funk rhythms, the suggestions of Celtic music and African atmospheres, thus forging a sound in which the intensity of the melodies and the enthralling percussive rhythm represent an original trademark. Next month they will come to Europe for the first time with a mini tour that will also include Italy.

Why did you move to Charlottesville?

Morwenna: “Jay grew up in Charlottesville, so after we met we decided to move there because it has the right size - not too big, not too small - and it is close enough to Washington, DC and other bigger cities. We started by teaching private lessons and playing on other artists' projects. After a few months we realized that we were not getting anywhere and that we wanted to try and do something original with the instruments that we play best, that is violin and guitar.”
Jay: “Charlottesville is a great music town, even more recognized now than in the past. In the '90s it had a few more intimate places, in small clubs. Nowadays it is much different, there are venues of all sizes for all kinds of music.”

How did you meet DMB's LeRoi Moore, and how did he help you?

Jay: “He was a mentor to me. I met him when I was 12 and Dave Matthews Band were just starting to get famous. I was just a kid who loved music. Years later I went to Berklee College. One evening Dave Matthews Band were playing in Boston and it so happened that a mutual friend, the late Johnny Gilmore (drummer on the album Chioggia Beat & formerly of Tim Reynolds' TR3) was visiting the area as well. The cards all lined up and after DMB's show we hung out with LeRoi into the wee hours of the morning talking about music, life, and Charlottesville. We kept in touch from then on and he always gave us good advice.”

Can you share a personal memory of LeRoi?

Morwenna & Jay: "We were at his house to spend some time together, playing pool and listening to music. Late at night we ended up doing a James Taylor marathon, singing all together. At the time the fact that he liked James Taylor's music surprised us, but in fact he listened to so much music of all types...looking back at it now there was nothing strange. Later, as we were about to leave he started telling jokes to make us stay. He was the king of jokes.”

What can you tell me about Etopia, your first album in 2005? It is still raw, but songs like the title track show your great potentiality...

Morwenna & Jay: “It was mostly acoustic and we had some guests as well, including bluesman Corey Harris, Johnny Gilmore, Darrell Rose and others. It is now out of print, but we are planning to put some of our favorite tunes from that CD on a new album we hope to release this fall.”

Meanwhile, Chioggia Beat was released in 2009...

Morwenna & Jay: “We consider it to be our first album since it really represents our unique sound. We do everything ourselves as we strive for perfection, and with a sound like ours we are the only ones to truly know the idea we are going after. We were honored to have guests like Pierre Bensusan, Thomas Lasko on accordion, Rashawn Ross on trumpet...In Europe you can purchase it on, both as an actual CD and in digital format. We believe in the importance of still having a physical CD.”

Rashaw Ross takes part in One Moore Farewell, a touching tribute to LeRoi. How did this project come about?

Morwenna & Jay: “LeRoi wanted to play on one of our songs, but that was not meant to happen, so we thought that project would be a fitting tribute to him. We wrote to Rashawn and gave him some rough versions of the tune and he said he would love to do it. Rashawn recorded his part in Florida with another Berklee colleague, Fernando Ulibarri. A little over a year later we released the album with that tune on it. It featured drummer Johnny Gilmore who later died in a fire.”

Are you recording now?
Morwenna & Jay: “Yes, we are. The album does not have a title yet. We're hoping it will be ready to bring over when we tour Europe. We recorded with Pete Spaar on upright bass and Devonne Harris on drumkit at Dave Matthews Band's 'Haunted Hollow' recording studio a few months back. We also have a small studio of our own where we layer tracks and do some acoustic tunes.”

American artists like you seldom come to Europe, let alone Italy. Why did you decide to tour over here?
Morwenna & Jay: “For years people have been telling us "your music would go over so well in Europe...". We haven't figured out exactly how to do it, but we're going to take the chance and see if we can get some listeners. A lot of our influences come from Europe, so it seems fitting to come over and play. We are hoping Europeans will 'get us'..."

Corsina Andriano (translation in english by Carla Melis)
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Ah! important!

As you can see HERE they are only 2 public shows in Germany (Berlin and Hannover). As the other dates (house concerts) its only by invite, but if you are really interested you can e-mail me:
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