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European Ant
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Originally Posted by Dschakobi
1.) most of the dmb / or other music communities got such permission options. The main aim is to get new members. Furthermore guests should not only read a thread and copy a link and post it somewhere else.
Sometimes you can see a unanswered thread in the news or dmbc forums. That's annoying for the thread starter. Same goes for the users who post music or video files and don't get a thank you or a reply.
We would like to get some response for our efforts. People should take part in some discussion.
Communities like this one live from discussions and sharing thoughts.
Thought about this again. Actually it sucks. Let me explain: People now think that what they see if they're not registered is everything they will get. And I can understand that. To tell you the truth, Dschakobi (belatedly, but still), I have never seen a forum which uses this method to such a great extent. If you're not a member, you only see half the forum!!! That is hard to understand, in my opinion. Other forums might use this "trick" for one or two sections. But then those two sections constitute about 5 or 10 % of the whole forum. But only has 8 sections. 4 of them are practically never used. The 3 most active sections (News, DMBc and Monkey Talk) are hidden. That gives the impression that the forum is even less frequented that it is from the start.

Maybe a note on the main page would therefore be adequate???

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I originally joined in 2005 but obviously got deleted as well, my mail to inquire this never got answered, just registered once more - so, HELLO AGAIN!!
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sorry to hear that. If it was my fault I'm really sorry! Nice to have you back
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yeah, sometimes dylan's finger sticks on the DEL button
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